Air Kapadokya in Turkey (October 2014)

Gaspar Camps “Peacock Fan” (by Art & Vintage)

 Abandoned Victorian Style Greenhouse, Villa Maria, in northern Italy near Lake Como. Photo taken in 1985 by Friedhelm Thomas. 

it’s a new year, and the clock’s already a’ticking!

It is now officially Christmas here in Australia-have a Merry Christmas to all my followers-much love to all!!!!

Photoplay, October 1929

Big Ben, St. Stephen’s Tavern, London

1927 by Charles Bosseron Chambers

This Side of Paradise

This Side of Paradise

“I’m not sentimental, i’m as romantic as you are. The idea, you know, is that the sentimental person thinks things will last, the romantic person has a desperate confidence that they won’ t.”
This Side of Paradise, F. Scott Fitzgerald

Escapism, vintage and travelling.